Large data voice and network operator acquired a large CLEC that itself was the result of the merger of 3 different CLECs. The operator was interested in a review to determine how the CLEC's network could be optimized, as the CLEC had gone through an extended period of underinvestment while it had been for sale the prior 3 years.


The team loaded the client's CABS billing data and network asset (colos, fiber, etc.) data into its application to create several different views of the CLEC network. During this process, the CABS and inventory data was cleansed to better understand its contents.

The CLEC network was further broken down into several components (loops, transport, interconnection) in order to understand how each was configured. Leveraging its knowledge of access networks, the team identified several network optimization opportunities:

  • On-net conversions (i.e. migrating off of leased facilities to CLEC's own fiber)
  • ILEC hubbing (i.e. migrating DS1 transport circuits onto ILEC UNE DS3 transport)
  • ILEC co-mingling (i.e. leveraging UNE transport for both special and UNE circuits)
  • CLEC transport/loop (i.e. leveraging CLECs for transport / loop where customer is in CLEC lit building)


The team's 8 months of effort resulted in annualized savings of greater than $5M.