Service providers today have a lot on their plate trying to grow sales, onboard new customers, develop products and services, bill customers - the list goes on and on. Few emerging service providers have available and experienced staff to properly manage the network services that they purchase from other services providers and package for delivery to customers. What typically happens is that network cost management is overlooked - until it becomes a big issue and represents a large missed opportunity at some point down the road.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Cloud Age's Margin Optimization Service provides experienced network cost management experts equipped with innovative tools. They can quickly diagnose and identify areas for meaningful cost reductions, and then quickly capture those savings with minimal customer resources. The best part is that we do all this with a guaranteed ROI!

Cloud Age's Margin Optimization service utilizes 3 levers to drive network cost reductions: 1) Sourcing or negotiation of carrier services; 2) Optimization of network architecture or routing; 3) Invoice audit. The following illustrates how our Margin Optimization process works:

Cloud Age's Margin Optimization Service

Network Cost Coverage

TThe following lists the types of network costs that we address with our Margin Optimization service:

  • Customer Circuits
  • Core Network Circuits (incl. Internet Transit, NNIs)
  • Colo Costs (Space / Power)
  • Local DIDs
  • Local Inbound Usage
  • Toll Free Usage
  • Outbound Usage
  • CNAM
  • SS7
  • E-911
  • Network / Compute Platforms (UC, IaaS)

Network Optimization Coverage

The following details the types of network optimizations we typically perform:

  • Least Cost Routing for Outbound voice usage (via QAR Managed Service)
  • Least Cost Routing for Toll Free voice service (via QAR Managed Service)
  • Circuit Hubbing (TDM)
  • Circuit Grooming (TDM)
  • Financial Grooming (Network Novation)
  • Migration of Underutilized Facilities (i.e. NNIs) to Leased Services
  • Migration of Leased Services to Fiber Builds
  • Network Platform License Optimization
  • Ethernet NNI Prove In

Tip: Our Margin Optimization service pairs perfectly with our gpxcloud SaaS platform for those who want to optimize their network cost upfront and maintain their cost structure using gpxcloud.

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