Make Your Network Better, Faster.

Fast growing service providers have as much – if not more –expertise planning and managing networks as traditional telecom carriers.

What they don’t have is time. They have to support immediate customer requirements and implement network optimization projects. They can be forced to defer opportunities to reduce costs or network performance.

Cloud Age understands these challenges. We are network planners and engineers. We’ve have helped dozens of service providers reduce network costs and improve performance. And our collaborative approach puts you in charge, freeing up your resources and providing quantifiable, actionable results.

Phase 1: Analysis

We start by analyzing your network inventory, traffic and overall architecture. Out of this process, we can identify critical cost and performance drivers and a preliminary list of potential optimization initiatives. These potential initiatives can include:

  • Sourcing of IP transport and other wholesale services
  • Optimization of leased network hubs
  • Diversity, latency and least cost routing
  • Network grooming
  • Assessment of alternative transport technologies
  • Assessment of facility build out opportunities

Phase 2: Benchmarking

At any given time, Cloud Age is helping multiple service providers. We have access to the latest wholesale pricing to benchmark your network, while our proprietary network planning tools streamline the analysis process.

We then prioritize initiatives based on your business requirements, the time to implement and overall return on investment. At the end of this phase, we will give you a detailed project plan for each initiative that your team can sign off on.

We typically find cost savings in the range of 15% – 25% of current network spend that can be implemented in six months or less. And we make your team heroes.