I'm sure you’ve heard of Least Cost Routing or LCR. Everyone has heard of it, and certainly voice routing optimization is required for a service provider to be successful.  But we have a problem with how this term stresses the least cost aspect of optimized routing.  We feel that ensuring voice quality is a higher priority than reducing cost, so we named our routing service Assured Quality Routing.

Assured Quality Routing is a managed service that delivers both improved voice quality and lower cost. This managed service provides everything required to source and manage optimal quality / cost routes:

SIP Routing Platform:

  • High capacity, carrier-grade routing solution
  • Schema-less, fault-tolerant architecture provides unmatched speed and reliability
  • Compatible with any RFC-compliant SIP agent, such as switch, gateway, SBC
  • Provides centralized routing intelligence to control all voice endpoints

Route Sourcing:

  • Solicit vendor rate decks on periodic basis
  • Provide metrics to vendors to drive cost reductions
  • Analyze new rate decks

Route Development:

  • Load rate decks into routing platform
  • Develop / maintain routing rules to drive quality / cost objectives

Route Management / Traffic Analysis:

  • Run daily usage analytics to ensure optimal routing performance
  • Coordinate emergency route changes with customer’s NOC
  • Develop vendor traffic forecasts
  • Provide support for FCC Form 480 (Rural Call Completion) / USF Traffic studies (optional)
  • Vendor CDR validation / dispute management

Perhaps the best outcome of Assured Quality Routing is the impact it has on customer experience. We believe that maintaining high levels of customer experience is worth far more than incremental rate reductions, as it will minimize customer churn and improve the net present value of each customer relationship. This is how long term value is created.