Large enterprises have managed margins by squeezing the most out of their employees. This is especially true in IT departments where the day to day management of data networks consumes their time. It’s not surprising then that large projects like re-negotiating telecom agreements, which only happen every two or three years, can overwhelm an IT group when they come.

Cloud Age’s Enterprising Sourcing Service can provide significant relief to overwhelmed IT departments during these re-negotiations. Not only do we take on the vast majority of this effort of working with the vendors from start to finish, but we also bring the following advantages to the process:

  • Best in market rates – IT organizations know how to manage their daily operations. They cannot be expected to also keep up with detailed market rate trends. Even if they do, their knowledge is only hearsay, and cannot be directly substantiated during negotiations. Cloud Age Solutions’ multi-customer negotiations allow it to see market trends first hand over time. This first-hand knowledge is powerful in driving rates to market lows based on the customer’s spend during vendor negotiations.

  • Flexible terms and conditions – No one wants to be unfairly locked into contract commitments to get the best rates. Hence, more and more companies are finding creative ways to keep their vendor contracts flexible as business needs change during the contract term. As with market rates, Cloud Age Solutions’ multi-customer experience helps us identify ways to uniquely keep contract terms flexible for each individual customer.

  • Technology evolution roadmap – Many IT departments thing they know what the future looks like, they just don’t know how to get there from where they are today. Cloud Age Solutions brings a fresh set of eyes to this conundrum. An initial step in the Sourcing process is to develop an inventory of existing services. This is then leveraged to better understand what the customer is doing today and where they want to be from a network perspective. We then work with the customer to generate a roadmap of how they can get there, and ensure the new vendor contracts include the discounted services that will be needed throughout the contract terms.

  • Billing issues exposed – The network inventory we create often exposes long term over-billings that were never caught by the customer. These billing errors can be disputed and credits received based on the corresponding contract terms.

Throughout the Sourcing engagement, we work very closely with the customer team to ensure we are always working in concert to ensure the customer’s objectives are being met and that our messaging to the vendors is consistent.

Let us take this tedious effort off you plate and maximize the savings and flexibility your new contracts can provide.