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Case Study : UCaaS Provider Leverages Cloud Age for Margin and Network Quality Gains

Situation: Recently, a leading UCaaS service provider engaged Cloud Age Solutions to help with its network cost issues. It had been a long time since its contracts had been reviewed and its customers were asking for more aggressive market pricing. The company needed an expert firm that could not only re-negotiate its contracts, but also help it improved customer service through optimized call routing.

Solution: The Cloud Age team got to work analyzing the UCaaS provider’s contracts, invoices and call detail records (CDRs) focusing on key pieces of information for the sourcing portion of the engagement:


Data Center-Sourcing / Inventory Recon

Situation: A global DR / data center operator that had been experiencing significant customer churn wasn’t seeing its network expense line trending downward and wanted to understand why. They also wanted to review and re-negotiate their major network contracts.

Solution: The team performed an extensive 3-way reconciliation of approximately 36,000 circuits linking vendor contracted circuits to internal network inventory records to end-user customer billing records. This effort resulted in the identification of over 500 circuits that were still billing, despite the fact that they were for customers that had disconnected the associated service, and were thus no longer needed and should have been disconnected. This effort also identified many circuits that were still needed, but could be re-negotiated due to their expired terms.


Case Study: UCaaS - Sourcing / Voice Analytics & Optimization

Situation: A large SMB-focused hosted VoIP provider needed help with the following aspects of its network cost operation:

  • Sourcing of several network services
  • Support for traffic study-derived factors for USF filings
  • Visibility into customer's usage and cost generation

Solution: The team deployed its voice cost optimization managed service to address these needs by providing the following services delivered as a managed service:

  • Network service sourcing and contract negotation
  • Routing optimization and assurance through rich analytics derived from CDRs, rate decks, etc.
  • Revenue assurance through the analysis/reconciliation of internal CDRs as compared to vendor billed CDRs and subscriber billing
  • Telecom invoice and CDR validation against rate decks and contracts
  • Rich analytics delivered through hosted BI/Analytics platform that provided insight into VoIP provider's customer usage patterns / anomalies, telecom costs, subscriber activity, etc.
  • Traffic studies to support USF Form 499 filings


Case Study: Rural ILEC - Sourcing

Situation: A large rural ILEC had recently entered bankruptcy due to a large acquisition and flawed integration. The client needed to reduce costs to improve its financial condition, so it could emerge from bankruptcy.

Solution: The team quickly received and analyzed the ILEC's cost data. It performed an assessment that identified several high profile cost reduction opportunities that could be implemented quickly. These opportunities were all related to the renegotiation of expiring contracts.


Case Study: CLEC - Network Optimization

Situation: Large data voice and network operator acquired a large CLEC that itself was the result of the merger of 3 different CLECs. The operator was interested in a review to determine how the CLEC's network could be optimized, as the CLEC had gone through an extended period of underinvestment while it had been for sale the prior 3 years.

Solution: The team loaded the client's CABS billing data and network asset (colos, fiber, etc.) data into its application to create several different views of the CLEC network. During this process, the CABS and inventory data was cleansed to better understand its contents.


gpxcloud™ - SaaS Lifecycle Management Platform

Margin Optimization: Competition in the cloud communications business has never been more intense and there are no signs of that letting up anytime soon. Operators need to ensure they have the lowest cost structure for the desired level of network grade of service. Our consultants have the skills and experience to optimize the cost of service to quality of service equation for our customers.


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