A large SMB-focused hosted VoIP provider needed help with the following aspects of its network cost operation:

  • Sourcing of several network services
  • Support for traffic study-derived factors for USF filings
  • Visibility into customer's usage and cost generation


The team deployed its voice cost optimization managed service to address these needs by providing the following services delivered as a managed service:

  • Network service sourcing and contract negotation
  • Routing optimization and assurance through rich analytics derived from CDRs, rate decks, etc.
  • Revenue assurance through the analysis/reconciliation of internal CDRs as compared to vendor billed CDRs and subscriber billing
  • Telecom invoice and CDR validation against rate decks and contracts
  • Rich analytics delivered through hosted BI/Analytics platform that provided insight into VoIP provider's customer usage patterns / anomalies, telecom costs, subscriber activity, etc.
  • Traffic studies to support USF Form 499 filings


A summary of the team's first year accomplishments were as follows:

  • Savings > 25% / $1.3M / yr. through sourcing / routing optimization
  • Cost avoidance of ~$750K/ yr. through the identification and removal of inappropriate subscriber usage, improper routing of forwarded calls and mediated settlement on large international fraud liability
  • Enabled the reduction of $600K/yr. through filing of lower PIUs, allowing customer to reduce the level of charges billed to customers
  • Provided great insight to leadership on usage patterns, cost structure and customer activity