Dear Customers / Partners,

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing to escalate, we are actively taking steps to safeguard the health of our employees while also ensuring the continuity of our services to you, our valued customers and partners.  100% of our technology platforms are cloud-native and can be accessed by our employees remotely in a variety of ways.  The only portion of our operations requiring a physical presence is the receipt of physical invoices via the US mail.  We have taken steps to ensure the continuity of this service while also minimizing the risks to our employees in performing this task.

To ensure the continued health of our employees, we are asking them to work from home and to cancel all business travel until further notice.  Operating remotely is business-as-usual for our employees.  We maintain many different types of business collaboration tools that will not change how we interface with you now that our team members will be working remotely.

We expect to continue to be able to provide the high-quality services you have relied on in the past, during these trying times.  But, given the unprecedented nature of events of the past few weeks, we may experience some service issues if things continue to worsen or impact our employees.  Should this happen, we will promptly notify you of any changes and how they may impact our services.

We appreciate your continued support and business.  Please be careful and stay safe!

The Cloud Age Management Team (Chris Lee, Eric Pitches, Bob Norberg, Rob Morson, Chris Corcoran)