The 2019 Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) voice fraud loss survey of enterprises, service providers and unified communications companies estimated that the cost of fraud was on average 1.74% of revenues, or over $28 billion.  The bad guys never rest.  They continually come up with ways to exploit communications platforms and drive fraudulent traffic.  They can wipe out profit margins for months, or even years to come.  In this CCA virtual meeting,

We invite you to join Chris Lee of Cloud Age Solutions and Mark Lindsey of ECG in a Cloud Communications Alliance online virtual meeting on Wed, June 10, 2020.  Chris and Mark will be discussing best practices for voice fraud mitigation including some basic safeguards that can be used to protect profitability and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Chris Lee is CEO and founder of Cloud Age Solutions.  Chris is an entrepreneur who has helped telecom carriers and enterprises optimize their telecom networks, vendors, services and spend.  Chris leads Cloud Age Solutions as they provide professional services, software platforms and data services that optimize the value our customers receive from their network and technology services and assets.
  • Mark Lindsey is ECG Senior Member of Technical Staff at ECG, a leading engineering firm and professional telecommunication provider in VoIP and traditional TDM/ analog platform analysis, design and deployment.



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