We are pleased to announce a new release of our gpxcloud software platform – ver 4.0 on 12-31-2020.  The key theme of this release is support for international currencies, dates and taxes.

International Currency and Address Support
gpxcloud is now able to manage, display and report on cost data with International currencies.  Specifically:

  • Display local currency
  • Maintain a currency exchange rate table
  • Display common currency totals using the defined exchange rates.
  • Display international date formats
  • Support international address formats 

International VAT Processing Support
gpxcloud now supports identification and management of VAT charges and VAT exempt charges through Custom GL Rules functionality.

  • gpxcloud has enhanced the custom GL rules engine to identify VAT taxes on invoices. It is also able to identify VAT exempt charges.  
  • After VAT taxes are identified, they are packaged for the AP output file.

Additional GL Processing Features

  • A new feature provides a way for Direct GL coded charges from not being included in the BAN – Dynamic allocation.