We are pleased to announce a new release of our gpxcloud software platform – ver 4.1.14 on 03-09-2020.  The key theme of this release is improved support for international taxes.

New Features

  • Enhanced DXC VAT Charge Validation
  • Validate face page and charge record currency codes on invoice load
  • Configurable password policy (set up by Cloud Age Solutions)


  • Dropdown performance improvements
  • Additional filters to the GL Set Apportionment modal
  • Custom Rules Tax Type Grid:  Add user settings and change default column order to the Tax Type grid
  • User Modal:  Improved the layout of the roles section, username, active switch
  • GL/Custom Rules UI column additions – add rule type
  • GL/Custom Rules UI filtering
  • GL/Custom Rules UI removed zero/non-zero from tax stepper