There was a time not long ago when business telecom services did not change much, and only the largest businesses were buying ultra-high-speed fiber connections.  That is no longer the case.

For example, AT&T recently announced it’s making a big investment in “fiber-to-the-business” services.  The driver, not surprisingly, is COVID-19. AT&T CFO John Stephens explained that the pandemic has “put more focus on working from home and on two-way video conferencing, which requires decent uplink and downlink speed that fiber can deliver.”  Stephens compares the shift to fiber with the shift from dial tone to mobile services, and the statistics bear him out: AT&T’s fiber network penetration to end users grew by over 20% over the course of 2020 alone.

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Not every business will be directly impacted by the shift to fiber, but there is a general point in AT&T’s announcement that is relevant to all businesses: the kinds of telecom services that businesses and their employees are using can change pretty quickly these days – and when they do, these changes can impact its bottom line.

If your business has a decent-sized “inventory” of telecom services, you need tools and processes in place to manage it.  If, for example, you have more than a few employees working from home or you no longer are using as many remote offices,  that could add up to a lot of new service activations, billing changes, and network inventory changes to keep track of.  How will you ensure that you are no longer paying for slower connectivity services your employees are no longer using?   How will you verify that your business is being charged the correct amount for the new services?

Whether you develop your own solution or use a tool such as our own gpxcloud platform, your business will likely need more than an excel spreadsheet.  After all, big changes in telecom happen all the time.

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