gpxcloud 4.6.9


Several feature enhancements and performance improvements, including Credit Memos and more.

gpxcloud 4.5.6

Cloud Age

Update to Angular 11 web application development framework, and more enhancements.

EDUbrief: Boosted Revenue with NaaS

The shift in IT procurement to “as-a-service” solutions (SaaS, UCaaS, etc) has fueled the growth of Managed Service Providers. Recent market studies predict this trend will continue to accelerate over the next decade or more. A major driver of this significant opportunity for MSPs is the emergence of “Network-as-a-service” (NaaS). NaaS takes the “as-a-service” approach to a […]

Blocking, Tackling, and Data: Expense Management Lessons from the NFL

Football on Field

Summer is over.  The kids are back in school.  Vacations are a distant memory.  Fall is when we turn our focus on what really matters in life – how our favorite NFL team is going to do this season. But even if you don’t follow professional football, the game still has things to teach us […]

Network Grooming vs. Carrier Management: Two Telecom Cost Reduction Strategies

Grooming equipment

When it comes to effectively managing and reducing telecom network expenses, most service providers rely on two different strategies: telecom carrier management and network grooming. Both strategies can be highly beneficial and have their own advantages (and limitations).  In addition, they can also create internal organizational friction when being implemented, especially if an organization wants […]

gpxcloud 4.4.9


We are pleased to announce a new release of our gpxcloud software platform – ver 4.4.9 on 09-20-2021. This release includes minor bugs and provide some enhancements to existing features based on customer feedback.

It’s National Eye Exam Month – Can You See Your Expenses Clearly?

Eyeglasses at exam

There’s a lot of blurry vision in the USA.  According to the non-profit Vision Council, there are 194 million American adults who use eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Not being able to see properly hurts worker productivity, student achievement, causes headaches, and makes watching your favorite Netflix series a lot less fun. If you have not […]

Cloud Age Solutions Attending ITW 2021 – Aug 29 to Sept 1

ITW 2021 Banner

Are you attending ITW 2021 at National Harbor? If so I would love to connect with you. Cloud Age helps service providers unravel the chaos of telecom invoices and expense tracking through better data and automation. Our gpxcloud SaaS platform provides visibility into and ongoing management of telecom expenses. Do you have 15-30 minutes to […]