For Managed Service Providers

Expand service offerings, increase MRR, and strengthen customer relationships. 

Solutions for Managed Service Providers

MSPs understand they need to stay one step ahead of network challenges facing their customers.   This includes making sure their wireless, telecom and data networking services are as cost-efficient and high quality as possible, and giving customers visibility into network spend, order status, and key operational metrics.

 Cloud Age Solutions helps MSPs deliver on these requirements and strengthen their role as a value-added partner to their enterprise customers. 

 Delivered via a secure cloud infrastructure, our gpxcloud network management and reporting SaaS centralizes their customers’ critical data and automates their core telecom network management processes MSPs .  And with gpxcloud’s powerful analytics capability, MSPs can provide their customers complete visibility over their telecom operations and deliver custom reports and dashboards that drive business performance.

Benefits for Managed Service Providers


Grow your recurring revenues

Cloud Age Solutions gives you new ways to identify opportunities and new services to provide.


Increase customer satisfaction

Cloud Age Solutions’ gpxcloud platform delivers your customers high-value telecom network intelligence

Give enterprise customers network intelligence

With Cloud Age Solutions, service providers can manage all their critical telecom network lifecycle functions – ordering, quoting, provisioning, inventory and invoicing – on one scalable, configurable platform.

“With gpxcloud we reduced our network expenses and internal management costs – while better serving our customers through easy access to critical network information when we need it.”

CEO, Hybrid Networking Provider

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