Cloud Age automates the entire telecom cost management process for many types of businesses. From invoice data capture, normalization, and quality assurance, to accounting systems integration and reporting.

More Complete and Accurate Cost Data

Fast-growing Service ProvidersTEMs, Enterprises, MSPs, and TSDs need complete and accurate cost data and efficient tools to manage their telecom and other IT inventory and services. Cloud Age gives businesses better control of vendor cost information to create the foundation for improved revenue assurance, cost benchmarking, contract management, cost audit, and inventory management.

Cloud Age enables seamless integration with ERP, OSS, Bill Pay, and Client Billing systems so you can more effectively leverage accurate and timely cost data.  We help eliminate the complexity of telecom lifecycle and cost management with SaaS solutions that are powerful, reliable, intuitive, and highly configurable.

Invoice Analysis
Cloud Age helps Telecom Service Providers and Carriers Improve off-net telecom inventory management, cost reconciliation, and shorten accounting reporting timeframes.
Cloud Age’s SaaS solutions help Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers deliver impactful solutions for businesses by managing and optimizing mission critical data.
Cloud Age helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) stay one step ahead of the network challenges facing their customers with advanced data processing and automation solutions.
In today’s channel-heavy marketplace, Cloud Age helps bridge the information gap by connecting buyers, distributors, and providers with full data transparency and reporting.